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Step #1            Install the SolarSoftWare Tree

1.    Customize your SSW installation.  To do this download the SSW Perl installation program from the following URL:
        Save the file "ssw_installer.exe" to your desktop.  Double click on it to begin the installation.
        A dos window should appear with the message:  "Installing the Tk/Perl GUI interface...".
        After the Tk/Perl GUI interface has been installed an "SSW Installer" panel will appear.
        Click the "Help" button to view a web page of frequently encountered installation problems and how to resolve them.
        Click "Next >>".


      Following is a list of recommended options to use in the second installation panel:

2.    Desired SSW Host:                             sohoftp.nascom.nasa.gov
       Installation type:                                  New

3.    Enable Daily Upgrade Task:          Check this box only if you have Windows NT (or 2000) and are usually connected to a network.

4.    Email:                       your email address.

5.    SSW Installation Path:
       Set the desired local path to C:\ssw or type an alternative location (e.g. d:\ssw).

6.    Organization:            your organization.

        In the third installation panel, select the instrument software packages that you need.

7.    SolarSoft Instrument Selection:    If, for example,  you choose the HESSI instrument you might make the following selections:

        Orbital Observatories:                   Check the HESSI box.
        Packages:                                     Check the BINARIES, SPEX, XRAY & GOES boxes.

8.    Click "Next >>" to begin the installation process.


The rest of the installation will proceed automatically without any user intervention.  While the files are being installed, a DOS window will appear which you can use to view the installation progress.  Do not close this DOS window.  FTP download of the HESSI SSW archive can take up to 30 minutes (or as little as 5 minutes) to complete depending on your connection speed.  During this time, there is very little feedback to the user (We are working to change this).

When the installation is complete, you may delete the installation folder and ssw_install.exe file from your desktop.

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