Forward Fitting Algorithm



bulletReconstruction of RHESSI Solar Flare Images with a Forward Fitting Method, (ps)
(M.J. Aschwanden, Postscript file of manuscript, August 2002)

bullet Introduction into Forward-Fitting of RHESSI images,
(M.J. Aschwanden, RHESSI Data Analysis Meeting, October 1999, NASA/GSFC Greenbelt MD)

bullet Image Reconstruction of RHESSI Data with Forward-Fitting,
(M.J. Aschwanden, (GIF figures of manuscript version 1, December 1999)

bulletRHESSI observations of size scales of solar hard X-ray sources (ps)
(E. Schmahl, August 2002)

bulletPrinciples of Unpixelated Forward Fitting, (pdf), (ps)
(E. Schmahl, October 2000)

bullet A Forward Fitting Algorithm
(E. Schmahl, October 2000)

bulletParameter-space Searches in Forward Fitting
(E. Schmahl, May 2000)

bulletProgram Diagram for Forward Fitting
(E. Schmahl, April 2000)

bulletThe Cash Statistic and Forward Fitting
(E. Schmahl, April 2000)

bullet SSW Introduction to Forward Fitting
(C. M. Johns-Krull, March 2003)

bullet I. Standard Example
(M. J. Aschwanden, January 2002)

bullet II. Optimizing Initial Guess
(M. J. Aschwanden, February 2001)

bullet III. Number of Source Components
(M. J. Aschwanden, February 2001)

bullet IV. Simulation and Reconstruction of Loops
(M. J. Aschwanden, March 2001)

bullet V. Forward-Fits of 10 Simulated Flares
(M. J. Aschwanden, May 2001)

bullet RHESSI Data Object Parameters: Forward Fit Algorithm Parameters
(Kim Tolbert, February 2003)

bulletTest image comparison (BP, Clean, Fwd-fit)
(M. J. Aschwanden, PS and GIF images, January 2001)

bulletTest image comparison (Fwd-fit, MEM-Sato, MEM-Vis, pixon)
(E. Schmahl, February 2002)

bulletOn the Photometric Accuracy of RHESSI Imaging and Spectroscopy
(M.J. Aschwanden, T.R.Metcalf, S.Krucker, J.Sato, A.J.Conway, G.J.Hurford, and E.J.Schmahl, 2003, Solar Physics, in press; version 2003-Oct-28)
(ps-file of revised manuscript)



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