Accessing the RHESSI Synoptic Data Archive

The RHESSI Synoptic Data Archive is located at the GSFC/Solar Data Analysis Center (SDAC). The archive is populated daily with mirrored data files from various ground-based observatories (GBO's) and selected space-based missions.

The above flowchart describes the various pathways via which designated datasets are copied into the archive. The datasets marked in yellow are mirrored daily from the corresponding source archive. The datasets marked in green are not copied directly, but are accessible locally through the SDAC or remotely via a Web browser.

The archive is currently accessible via the IDL program show_synop which is installed in the SSW tree. The program is a widget-driven graphical user interface (GUI) that uses ftp to remotely search and download selected archive data files from the SDAC mirror archive. The program is invoked by:

IDL> show_synop

The interface defaults to listing available data files in the archive for the preceding seven days. The listing appears as a series of filenames with corresponding (approximate) start date and time of each file, and data type (e.g. optical/image). Different start/stop intervals can be selected via the appropriate text widgets. Datasets from different sources (e.g. Big Bear Solar Observatory) or different wavelength ranges (e.g. optical radio) can be selected via a pull-down menu. Different data types (images, spectra, or lightcurves) can be selected by the corresponding buttons. A WWW interface version of show_synop is currently under construction.

Individual buttons have the following functions:

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