Top RHESSI Science Accomplishments


On the tenth anniversary of RHESSI's launch, B. Dennis and R. Lin published a science nugget reviewing the scientific achievements to date, which are listed below. Please refer to the RHESSI's Tenth Anniversary nugget for more details on these discoveries. A complete review of RHESSI's scientific achievements through 2010 is available in the RHESSI monograph High-Energy Aspects of Solar Flares

Solar Flare Discoveries

  1. Gamma-Ray Footpoint Structures
  2. Energy Content & Spectrum of Flare Energetic Electrons
  3. Nonthermal Emissions from the Corona & Bulk Energization
  4. Double Coronal X-ray Sources
  5. Microflares and the Quiet Sun
  6. Initial Downward Motion of X-ray Sources
  7. HXR Flare Ribbons
  8. Location of Superhot X-ray Source
  9. Photosphere as a Compton or "Dentist's" Mirror
  10. Broadened 511-keV Positron Annihilation Line

Non-Flare Discoveries

  1. Solar Oblateness
  2. Magnetar Timing and Spectroscopy
  3. Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes (TGFs)