SolarSoft Updates Using WGET

Last Update 05-May-2020, Kim Tolbert

In August 2019, GSFC stopped allowing anonymous FTP as a security measure. This meant that the old perl/mirror/ftp method for updating SSW stopped working. We are working on a few alternatives including WGET, LFTP, and an all IDL solution. Currently the most reliable solution for all platforms is the WGET version, so it is now the default in the ssw_upgrade procedure. If that changes, this space will be updated. This document provides help using the new WGET version for updates. Unix/MacOS users don't have to change much; Windows users must alter their update script.

The instructions below assume you have done an SSW update since August 2019 when the old perl/mirror/ftp updates stopped working, and therefore have the wget executable, as well as the new version of the SSW routines that use wget. If you haven't, please follow the instructions here.

SSW links: SolarSoft, SSW Installation Guide

Notes about the WGET version

Interactive Updates on Any Platform

To update SSW interactively, while in SSWIDL, type

ssw_upgrade, /spawn

This will update all the SSW branches listed in the SSW_INSTR environment variable (as well as their dependencies, and always includes gen and packages/binaries). This most likely will not update every branch in your SSW tree since you probably run SSW with a subset of branches activated. To check your instrument list, type print,chklog('SSW_INSTR')

To upgrade specific branches, type for example

ssw_upgrade, /hessi, /spawn

This will update the hessi branch (and any dependencies, and always includes gen and packages/binaries) of SSW.

You can also use ssw_upgrade to add an SSW branch that you didn't intially include when you installed SSW.

There is a corresponding sswdb_upgrade routine to update your SSWDB files if you have any.

Updates from a Script

When you update from a script, the file $SSW/site/setup/setup.ssw_upgrade controls the branches that will be updated. This file looks like this
SSW_INSTR hessi, spex, xray, eit, lasco, cds, smei, bham, hafb, ucsd, proba2
and should contain a complete list of all branches installed on your local computer. This file is provided for you when you install SSW on a Linux/MacOS platform, but you may need to update it if you add branches. On Windows, this file is not provided on installation, but you can create one. Or if you follow the instructions below for a Windows script, your complete set of branches to update can be included in the update_ssw.bat file.