Pixon Database File Names



The Pixon database can be found in the directory:
(i.e. ftp://sohoftp.nascom.nasa.gov/sdb/hessi/imaging/pixons/ )

Within this directory are 3 subdirectories with the names:
for sizes 32x32, 48x48 and 64x64 respectively.

The genx files in this directory hold the smoothed mod pattern arrays. Here is an example file name:

All the files start with hsismp (RHESSI smoothed mod pattern). There are a number of fields in each file name:
ID: Image dimension, e.g. ID64x64

SZ: Pixel size in arc sec (x 100), e.g. SZ400x400 is "4x4"

SC: Pixel scale x100. Always SC100, I think, for 1.00.

R0: The R0 value x100. e.g. R0256000 for 2560.00

PS: Pixon size in pixels x100, e.g. PS800 for 8.00 pixel pixons

DT: Detector, e.g. DT8 for detector 8

HM: Harmonic, always HM0 for harmonic 0, but the possibility exists to do higher harmonics.

BYTE: The arrays are stored as byte type. The code could store them as floats, but the extra space is not warranted since the byte type seems to give adequate accuracy.

DR: Diff res in pixels x 100, e.g. DR100 is for a differential resolution of 1 pixel. This parameter is not always present. If present, this file contains differential patterns used to compute the pixon map rather than the regular smoothed patterns.

v1: version 1 of the file definition




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