RAS Discussion Meeting



Parallel Discussion Meetings March 8th 2002 in the Scientific Societies Lecture Theatre, Savile Row, London

With HESSI now in orbit, we are pleased to announce the following:


Summary: The problems of energy release and particle acceleration in magnetised cosmic plasmas remain unsolved after over a century. The key may lie in bridging the current gap between the local kinetic description of particles and waves and the MHD description of the plasma and magnetic field. High energy solar data from NASA's HESSI Mission (launched in Feb. 2001) placed in the context of a wealth of other ground and space spaced observations may well help narrow this gap.

Organisers: Professor John BROWN (Glasgow) john@astro.gla.ac.uk,
Dr Andrew CONWAY (OU) a.j.conway@open.ac.uk and
Dr Lyndsay FLETCHER (Glasgow) lyndsay@astro.gla.ac.uk
Please email Andrew Conway with details of poster presentations as soon as possible.

10:00	Registration and Coffee

Morning Session Chair: Professor John Brown (Glasgow)

10:30	Professor Bob Lin (Berkeley):
"Overview of HESSI and first results"

11:10	Professor Gordon Emslie  (Alabama, Huntsville): 
"The X-ray spectrum, electron spectrum and energy loss rate"

11:30	Dr Janusz Sylwester (Polish Academy of Sciences): 
"Signatures of coronal energy release seen on RESIK X-ray spectra"
Chair:  Dr Lyndsay Fletcher (Glasgow)

11:50	Professor Peter Cargill (Imperial College):
"Particle acceleration and the integration with large-scale magnetic field"

12:15	Dr Alec MacKinnon (Glasgow): 
"Gamma-ray lines and the flare ion energy budget"

12:40	Dr Eduard Kontar (Oslo): 
"Dynamics of energetic electron beams in inhomogeneous magnetic loops"

13:00	LUNCH           
Afternoon Session Chair: Dr Andrew Conway (OU)

14:00	Dr Nicole Vilmer (Meudon):
"Multi-wavelength observations of flare accelerated particles"

14:40	Dr Lyndsay Fletcher (Glasgow): 
"HESSI in the context of SoHO, YohKoh and TRACE"

15:10	Dr Hugh Hudson (Berkeley): 
"Progress on white-light flares"

15:30	Tea  followed by the Monthly A&G (Ordinary) Meeting
Coffee and tea will be provided at 10:00 and 15:30 respectively and a simple lunch
will be available for purchase at 13:00
A Drinks Party will be held from 18:00 to 19:00 in the Coffee Room of the Scientific 
Society's Lecture Theatre -  cost just Ł1.00 per head



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