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The Solar-Heliospheric Physics community, in coordination with NASA’s Earth-Sun System Division, the National Science Foundation, and the Space Studies Board Committee on Solar and Space Physics is pleased to announce a conference on


Solar and Space Physics and the Vision for Space Exploration


NASA has committed to a bold new human exploration initiative to the Moon and Mars in the coming decades.  Astronauts and spacecraft participating in this endeavor will be exposed to hazardous radiation and particle environments ("Space Weather") that are well known to substantially impact the Earth's environment and are only partially understood. Also available is the report on Recommendations of the NASA Sun-Solar System Connection Radiation Working Group Report (pdf) and the Space Studies Board Task Statement (pdf).


The objective of this meeting is to bring together members of the space science, planetary science, radiation physics, operations, and exploration engineering communities in order to


Increase awareness and understanding of the complex array of solar and space physics issues pertinent to the environments of the Earth, Moon and Mars

Identify compelling research goals necessary to ensure the success of the Vision for Space Exploration in these environments

Discuss the directions that research in these fields should take over the coming decades in order to achieve these goals


A particular emphasis will be on improving predictions of solar energetic particle storms, the solar eruptions that produce them, and the impact of these on the Earth, Moon, and Mars environments.

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