Changes in the HESSI GUI, March 2005


This document summarizes the changes to the HESSI GUI that were made in March 2005 to work with the new version of the HESSI image object.  The GUI help pages are being updated to reflect these changes.


General GUI changes

  1. In the Main GUI widget, the View Image Movie button under File has been deleted.  Currently, there are two movie interfaces - one in the image widget, which is the preferred interface for RHESSI image cubes, and one in the Multi-Panel Options window, which lets you animate any selection of plot panels that are in the GUI.
  2. In the Main GUI widget, the Import FITS File button under File has been deleted.  (This only applied to Image FITS files anyway.)  Use the Image widget interface instead to read in an image FITS file.
  3. Previously, the hessi_data routine stored multiple versions of your HESSI objects (from each HESSI GUI session in the same IDL session).  Now it only stores the most recent version.  Type hessi_data to see what's stored, and how to retrieve the reference to an object at the command line.
  4. The Image, Lightcurve, and Spectrum widgets now have two options for the Write Script button.  You can either write a script to set all the GUI parameters, or to set only the non-default GUI parameters (the default mode in the earlier version).  Note that in either case the script does not include parameters that you set outside the GUI (or through the 'Set Params Manually' button).  Also, as before, the script simply sets up the object.  It doesn't perform any actions like getdata or plot - you have to add those commands.
  5. As before, using the Multi-Panel Options widget you have a number of options for dealing with multiple GUI panels:
        Write individual FITS file or save file for each selected panel (if panel type has fitswrite and save methods)
        Create individual plot files (PS, PNG, TIFF, or JPEG) for selected panels
        Print each selected panel
        Write an image cube file for selected panels
        Show movie of selected panels
        Compute image flux for all selected panels
        Change some plot defaults for selected panels to defaults in currently active panel

Image Widget Changes:

  1. There are now 3 choices for input data source: Raw, Image FITS File, and Eventlist File.  Raw means Level-0 files (the only source in the earlier version).  When Image FITS file is selected as input, you'll notice that many of the buttons are desensitized because you're not allowed to change any parameters in this mode.
  2. When you make images you can select whether to plot the images in the GUI, or write a FITS file or neither.  If you choose neither, the images are still generated and stored in the object.  If you select GUI, then for single images, the image will automatically be plotted in the GUI, but for multiple images, a Chooser widget will let you choose which images to plot in the GUI.  You don't have to select any.  You can still make a movie or show the panel display.  And you can plot them in the GUI anytime by clicking the Make/Plot Images button later.
  3. New Panel Display button.  This will plot all images in the cube in a grid of time by energy in a single window.  Left-clicking one of the images will plot it in the GUI.  Right-clicking exits.
  4. New Movie button.  There are new options for MPEG and JavaScript output.  Some of the old options are gone (lightcurve on movies, difference, ratios), but can be added to the new version if there's a nee
  5. Added buttons to set use_rate, use_local_average, use_cull, and cull_frac.



Last updated 09 March, 2005 by Kim Tolbert, 301-286-3965