HESSI Flare Catalog Widget

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    Snapshot of a Flare Catalog Listing


The HESSI Flare Catalog Widget is an interface for selecting and displaying information in the HESSI Flare Catalog.  The Flare Catalog contains parameters such as start/peak/end times, total counts, and X/Y position on the Sun for every flare that HESSI observed.

This widget is activated when you

This widget has two purposes depending on the context in which it is called:

In either case, the first step is to define which flares to list.  You can select all of the flares in the catalog by accepting the default parameters, or you can display a subset of flares by setting limits on any of the flare parameters.  You can also select sorting options for the list.

  1. Set limits for a parameter by clicking the 'Set Range' button for that parameter. 
  2. Select which parameter to sort on by clicking the box to the left of the parameter name (an asterisk in the box indicates it is selected).
  3. Select ascending or descending sort order.
  4. Click 'Select Flares'
  5. A text display of the flares meeting your criteria is displayed on the screen. 
  6. If you called the widget in order to select a single flare, click the flare you want from the list, and click 'Accept'.  This flare number is displayed next to the 'Accept and Close' button in the flare catalog widget.  Click 'Accept and Close' to complete the selection of that flare.

Send the flare list to a printer by clicking 'Print Flare List'.  (Click here for information on setting up printers for the HESSI widget programs.)  Or write the flare list in a text file on your computer by clicking 'Write Flare List File'.


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