HESSI Analysis Intervals Widget

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This widget allows you to graphically select time or energy intervals for use in other sections of HESSI data analysis procedures..

This widget is activated when you click File /  'Select Analysis Intervals' / 'Define/Edit Analysis Intervals' in the Main GUI Window or when you click 'Define Bins Manually' in the HESSI Spectrum Widget.

Some tasks require selection of multiple time or energy intervals for analysis (e.g. imaging, spectral analysis).  For times, these analysis intervals are finer sub-intervals in the overall observation time interval you should have already selected.  Once defined, these intervals will be available for you to choose from in the widgets that require time or energy intervals.  For example, when you're defining the time intervals over which to make images in the Image Widget, this list appears as an option when you click the Change button for times.

Note: When you change the observation time interval, the analysis time intervals are deleted, since they are no longer within the observation time interval.

You can define time intervals on any time plot (x axis is time) that is currently displayed.  If no time plot is displayed, then a plot of Observing Summary Count Rate data is automatically generated for the observation time interval selected.

To define energy intervals, you must plot a spectrum first (this will be changed to automatically plot a spectrum if none is displayed).  

While this widget is activated, the meaning of mouse clicks on the plot is different from normal. Left-click to define the start of an interval and right-click to define the end. Double-click within an interval to activate an interval-editing menu. 

Note:  this obviously means that you can not zoom by clicking and dragging.  However you can still zoom if you click the Zoom button under the Plot_Control pull-down menu, and then click and drag.

Any analysis intervals currently defined are displayed in the droplist widget.  You can define new intervals in a number of ways:

If the interval boundaries on the plot get confusing (sometimes it doesn't erase previous boundaries properly), click 'Display Current' to redraw them.

Click 'Accept and Close' to save these interval definitions.  They will be stored and available for use.


Last updated 29 October, 2001 by Kim Tolbert, 301-286-3965