I've just made several improvements in SPEX and the XRAY package used by SPEX.

1. hessi_spex
Call this instead of spex_proc to run a hessi analysis session using SPEX.  This sets the data_tipe to hessi,allseg which will work with all current hessi datasets.  It also sets the _1file variable to a wildcard string that can be used with the SPEX Preview command to select your hsi_spectrum*.fits file.  spex_proc will work as before, this is just a little easier.
2. PREVIEW command in SPEX will now open an ssw_pickfile widget to help in choosing your desired file if more than one file matches the pattern given in _1file. If only 1 file matches the pattern, that file will be used.
3.Thermal line models now call mewe_kev directly as needed without creating an interpolation array.  This is used with the default model F_VTH_BPOW.  f_vth.pro is the modified routine.
4. New fitting model, F_VTHC_BPOW_NLINE, includes a thermal brem continuum without lines, plus a broken power-law, and multiple Gaussian lines.  Model starts with only the thermal continuum and one Gaussian line with free parameters and non-zero normalizations.