Dear RHESSI software users,

Last night we uploaded a bunch of new routines to the hessi atest
directory.  The new software includes a new version of the image
object that handles multi-image cubes as well as single images.  With
the new software, it's easy to write and read image cube FITS files,
and view the images in the cube several different ways including
making MPEG and JavaScript movies.  In addition there are some
changes to the basic object routines to speed up processing for all
the RHESSI software.

The new version should be fully compatible with the old version for
single images, so existing scripts should continue to work.  However,
it would good to switch to the new set of parameter names that work
for single or multi-image cubes (as described in the link below).
Also, existing image cube FITS files can still be read with the new
software although it's slower

Please refer to
http://hesperia.gsfc.nasa.gov/~kim/hsi_image_howto.html for
documentation on the command line calls to the new object.  (The link
to this document is in the Imaging / Overview page of the RHESSI Data
and Software Center.)

The GUI has been modified to take advantage of the new image object
features.  Please refer to
http://hesperia.gsfc.nasa.gov/~kim/GUI_changes_March2005.html.  (The
link to this document is in the Software / Documentation page of the
RHESSI Data and Software Center.)

As usual, if you have a problem with the new software, please report
it to hessibugs@hesperia.gsfc.nasa.gov.   And if you need to remove
the new routines from your IDL path, type hsi_remove_atest in a new
session of SSW IDL.

Kim and Andre