There's been some confusion recently about the RHESSI observing summary
(quicklook) data because of a recent change in the files.  Hopefully this
message will clear that up.

Prior to ~November 2002, the observing summary data were appended to the Level-0
FITS files.  In November, we started writing the observing summary data in
separate daily observing summary files.  The conversion to the daily files for
all times since launch was completed in February, 2003.

This is why you may have started getting messages like:
% HSI_QLOOK::GETDATA:: file: hsi_obssumm_20020720_000.fits NOT found.

If you copy files manually to your computer, you must now copy the
hsi_obssumm_yyyymmdd_vvv.fits (year,month,day,version) files from the
metadata/catalog directory as well as the Level-0 files you've been copying.
(If you use the automatic copy feature, you don't need to worry about which
files to copy - the software will figure it out.)

I rewrote the Accessing RHESSI Data web page
to include more information about what RHESSI data are available and how to get
them, and to explain this issue.  Please refer to that page for more

Note:  Even if you don't plan to plot the observing summary data, the
information to show the flags (night, SAA, Attenuation, etc) on time plots comes
from the observing summary file, so you'll need that new daily file.

Kim Tolbert