I.  CBE_DIGITAL QUALITY parameter default changed from .9 to .95

II.  A number of changes involving visibilities were put online:

1.  Visibility-based image cubes are now supported

2.  Visibility bags with multiple times and/or energies can be written into FITS files and subsequently used as input to image generation to save time (see vis_out_filename and vis_input_fits parameters)

3.  The visibility FITS files now contain visibilities for all detectors, so you can use one file for any detector selection.

4.  Visibility editing (removing outliers) and combining (similar uv points combined) are now the defaults.

5.  An option to normalize visibilities has been added, and is enabled by default  (see vis_normalize and vis_corr_max parameters).   The visibility correction factors, and detectors used after removing outliers are now stored as info parameters (see vis_corr_factors and vis_det_index_mask_used parameters).

6.  Two vis parameters were renamed:
     vis_out  -> vis_out_filename
     vis_combine  ->  vis_conjugate

7.  All of the above can be done through the GUI as well as the command line.

8.  More information about using the visibility files is at http://hesperia.gsfc.nasa.gov/ssw/hessi/doc/image/hsi_visibility_howto.html

III.  Internally, the software handling multiple times and energies in the objects has been made more robust.  These changes should be transparent.  However if you have scripts that were retrieving an internal time_axis or energy_axis object and using it to get axis information, those internal objects no longer exist.  All time and energy controls are now handled by im_time_interval and im_energy_binning for images and visibilities.