Analyzing Flare X-Ray Spectra Using SPEX

Command Interpreter
To Change the Value of an Option
To Change the Value of a Main Program Variable
Command Sequences
Issuing IDL Commands
Running SPEX
Inspecting SPEX Variables

Command Interpreter

The command interpreter for SPEX can be used to change the value of registered OPTIONS(VARIABLES), main program variables, start command sequences, issue normal IDL commands.

To Change the Value of an Option:

The options in SPEX are described at the end of this document. Each one is a structure tag in PRM_SPEX. The OPTION is specified by the minimum unique string. Scalar OPTIONs take only new_value1. Whitespace is compressed except in strings. Vector OPTIONS may have any or all of their values changed,

would only change the second element of OPTION.

To change the value of a main program variable (only for experts):

Options can sometimes be changed this way, although the action of the command interpreter may be difficult to predict in this case.

Command Sequences:

Command sequences may be started with the minimum number of unique characters. The commands available are found at the top menu. Some commands also have modifying values, such as:
(reset the background, background selection still needed) background,clear (set the background to zero everywhere, background selection finished) background,null (plot without fitting) fit,plot (fit without plotting) fit,noplot

Issuing IDL Commands:

IDL expressions are entered using IDL Expressions containing "=", "xdoc", "print", "help" don't require the preceding IDL.


0. Start SPEX in Command Line Mode.
1. Select flare and data files using parameter input.
2. Select the detector id.
3. Read in flare files using GRAPH command.
4. Select background using BACKGROUND command.
5. Use Zoom command to expand region of interest.
6. Use GRAPH to replot the zoomed interval.
7. Select the integration intervals.
8. Set free and fixed parameters for the model.
9. Plot the background spectrum and select the fit energy range.
10. Start the initial fit over all intervals.
11. Adjust the starting parameters for the model using the PHOTON command.
12. Save the results of the fit into an IDL save file.

0. Start SPEX in command line mode.

WIDGET MENUS ARE ENABLED!!! The last ten lines from the COMMENTS command: New datatypes have been integrated into SPEX: From Yohkoh the HXT and the WBS instruments, SXS, HXS, and GRS. However, the SXS is still not understood and should only be used with that understanding. SMM HXRBS has been added with all of the flare files soon to be on-line in the FITS format expected by the default readers within SPEX. Hey!!! There is lots of good stuff here in COMMENTS. Enter the command COMMENTS

Change options by entering item, comma, new value. After setting options, enter one of the available commands. Parameters and commands may be abbreviated to shortest unambiguous abbreviation and may be strung together by inserting !! between entries. To delete a string field, place a '' in the field

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