Back Projection Algorithm



Back projection basically projects each detected photon back from the detector through the slits of the grid pairs to all possible locations for its origin on the Sun. This creates a probability map made up of parallel ridges aligned with the slit orientation at that time. The spacing between ridges is equal to twice the FWHM resolution of the subcollimator. This back projection is repeated for each detected photon and the resulting probability maps are summed to form the so-called dirty map.

bulletBack Projection with or without Clean
- C. M. Johns-Krull (March 2003)
bulletBack-Projection Corrections
- Ed Schmahl and Gordon Hurford (November 2001)
bulletBack-Projection Demos,Pitch = 6, Pitch = 10.5
- Ed Schmahl (1998)
bulletImportant Changes to Back Projection and Clean   (doc)   (pdf)
- Gordon Hurford and Richard Schwartz (November 2004)






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