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Tohban - (org.) japanese (def.) operator; duty officer

Tohban Calligraphy



The job of the tohban is to help the spacecraft operators at the the Mission Operation Center (MOC), located in the north end of the second floor of the SSL Addition Building, to optimize the science quality of the observations, and maintain the working order of RHESSI's scientific instruments. Tasks include the following.



Communication Protocol

Tohban Context Tool

To get an idea of what RHESSI state-of-health (SOH) parameter values to expect at any given time, it is best to consult the RHESSI SOH data 1-day Averages page. This site has daily average values for all SOH parameters, both as ASCII text lists and as graphs of the values vs. time since launch.

You can also access the daily SOH plots that show more detailed plots of various SOH parameters for each day since launch.