bulletGeneral X-ray Spectroscopy

X-ray Astronomy School Presentations - (May 2003)

RHESSI Spectroscopy Overview -  (.ps)( .pdf)

bulletThe RHESSI Spectrometer

The RHESSI Spectrometer  - D. Smith  (September 2002)

Behind, Beneath and Before RHESSI Spectroscopy (ps) (pdf) - D. Smith (April 2002)

 Another version of 'The RHESSI Spectrometer'.

bulletThe RHESSI Spectrometer Performance in Flight

Problems, Peculiarities, and Phenomena in RHESSI Spectroscopy (ps) (pdf) - D. Smith (April 2002)

RHESSI Spectroscopy Status and Issues - D. Smith (October 2002)


bulletRHESSI Spectroscopy Software

Introduction - B. Dennis (January 2002)

OSPEX - New Spectral Analysis Package

Reference Guide - K. Tolbert
OSPEX Parameter Table - K. Tolbert
What's New - K. Tolbert
User Guide - A. Gopie
   Old version of User Guide: First Steps (using OSPEX) - B. Dennis (August 2004))

SPEX - Original Spectral Analysis Package

SPEX Introduction - R. Schwartz (2001)
SPEX User Guide  - R. Schwartz (2002)
List of SPEX Parameters and Commands - R. Schwartz (1997) 
First Steps (using SPEX) - B. Dennis (May 2002)
Second Steps (using SPEX) - L. Sui (May 2003)

RHESSI Spectrum Object Parameters - K. Tolbert

Spectrum Standard Parameters
Spectral Response Matrix Parameters

Introduction to Spectroscopy - C. Johns-Krull (March 2003)

X-Ray Inversion Software - E. Kontar (November 2005)

Regularized Inversion Solar Software - Massone, Piana (February 2006)

Albedo Correction Software - E. Kontar (November 2004)

bulletPhoton Source Models

Nonuniform Target Ionization - E.Kontar (June 2004)

Nuclear Deexcitation Gamma-Ray Line Code (pdf file) - Kozlovsky, Lingenfelter, Murphy & Ramaty (February 2001)

Thick Target Model - G. Holman, Y. Su (May 2009)

Thin Target Model - G. Holman (July 2009)



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