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These pages are about solar flares, the biggest explosions in the solar system. Their purpose is to provide

some general information about solar flares.
a "feel" for scientific research into the energetic emissions from flares.
a glance into the future of solar flare research.

In these pages we address the general questions:

What is a solar flare?
Why study solar flares?
What impact do solar flares have on human activities?

and the following questions specific to the study of solar flares in hard x-rays:

What are hard x-rays?
Why study solar flares in hard x-rays?
What does a solar flare look like when seen in hard x-rays?

Why does the solar flare look like this in hard x-rays?

Sad Sun Image

What does this have to do with NASA?

X-rays from the Sun and other objects in the sky
can only be observed from above the Earth's atmosphere.
Solar flares have been imaged by the Hard
X-ray Telescope on the Yohkoh Satellite.

NASA's Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager
is currently observing the high-energy radiation
from solar flares.

Happy Sun Image


NEW!Space Weather: What Impact Do Solar Flares
Have on Human Activities?


RHESSI Model iconRead "The Mysterious Origins of Solar Flares"
in the April, 2006, issue of Scientific American

RHESSI Model icon
Assemble a Paper Model of the RHESSI Spacecraft

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Crossword Puzzle IconUse the knowledge you gain from these pages to solve the
Solar Flare Theory Crossword Puzzle


Q&AAnswers to Readers' Questions


Links & Books iconOther Web sites and some good, old-fashioned books that contain information about the Sun


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