HESSI Observing Summary Data Widget

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The Observing Summary Data Widget is an interface for plotting the HESSI Observing Summary data. It is almost identical to the Observation Time Interval Selection Widget, but it does not allow you to change the observation time interval in the main GUI.

This widget is activated when you click File / 'Retrieve/Process Data' / 'Observing Summary Data' in the Main GUI Window.    You can also run this interface without running the GUI by typing
at the IDL prompt in an SSW IDL session.

The observing summary data is quicklook data that is extracted from the telemetry data at coarse time resolution and stored in the HESSI FITS files. Refer to Jim McTiernan's documentation for a complete description. Currently the data types available for plotting are:

There are options to display the times of data flags (currently SAA, Flare, and Eclipse start/end are available) on the plot.

The plot panels are saved with the name
HESSI xxxx dd-mmm-yyyy hh:mm:ss (HH:MM:SS)
where xxxx is the type of data plotted (Count Rate, Ephemeris, etc.), dd-mmm-yyyy hh:mm:ss is the start time of the data in the plot, and HH:MM:SS is the current time.  You can use the XY Plot Display Options under the Plot_Control pull-down menu in the main GUI to specify more precisely what to plot, for example which energy bands to show, or whether to sum them.  You can replot the panels any time by selecting the panel name under the Window_Control pulldown menu.

Note: the restrictions concerning the currently selected observation time interval do not apply here; you can plot observing summary data for any time interval from this widget regardless of the current observation time interval selection.


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