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Is Perl Installed?

If you want the capability to update the SSW archive you will need to install a scripting language called Perl.  Provided with the SSW installation is a Perl package called Mirror.  This package uses the FTP protocol to duplicate a directory hierarchy between the machine it is run on and a remote host.  Installing Perl is not required, however failure to do so will prevent you from being able to obtain any future SSW software modifications.

Some Windows 95/98 users may require an additional download called DCOM.  If you need DCOM then Perl will alert you during installation.  Simply abort the installation, download and install DCOM using the appropriate link below:

DCOM for Windows 95            DCOM for Windows 98
If you find it necessary to install DCOM, reboot your system after doing so before re-attempting to install Perl.
After setup, delete the Perl installation files from your desktop as they are no longer needed.
Installing Perl:
1.    Start your internet browser and go to the URL:  http://www.activestate.com/Products/ActivePerl/Download.html (Scroll down and click "Next")
2.    Save the MSI version 5.8.x of ActivePerl for Windows to your Desktop.
3.    Minimize your browser and locate the newly saved file on your PC Desktop.
4.    Double click on the file to begin the installation.  Click "Next >" on the installation panel.
5.    Accept the "End-User License Agreement.  Click "Next >".
6.    The default installation will be the directory C:\Perl (best choice for most users).  Use the "Browse" button if you want to install it elsewhere, otherwise Click "Next >".
7.    Check the box next to "Add Perl to the Path environment variable".
8.    Check the box next to "Create Perl file extension association"  Click "Next >".
9.    Click the "Install" button.  When the installation is complete click "Finish".
10.  Delete the Perl installation file from your desktop.  You do not need to restart your PC.


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