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RHESSI Analysis Software
bullet Getting Started With RHESSI Data Analysis - K. Tolbert (October 2003)

bullet RHESSI Data Analysis Software Change History - K. Tolbert

bulletData Analysis Software Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - K. Tolbert
bullet RHESSI Glossary - K. Tolbert
bulletRHESSI Graphical User Interface
       GUI Guide - K. Tolbert
       What's New - K. Tolbert
       Changes in RHESSI GUI, March 2005 - K. Tolbert

bulletOverview of the Command Line Interface - C. Johns-Krull  (March 2003)

bullet RHESSI Imaging

bullet RHESSI Spectroscopy

bullet Using Eventlist Files - R. Schwartz, A. Csillaghy (July 2003)

bullet RHESSI Data Object Parameter Tables - K. Tolbert
bullet RHESSI Object Parameter Defaults - K. Tolbert
bullet RHESSI Command Line Snippets (Examples) - K. Tolbert

bullet Accessing RHESSI Data - K. Tolbert (February 2003)

bulletThe SolarSoftWare (SSW) System - S. Freeland
bullet RHESSI FAQ - SSW and SSW installation - K. Tolbert (June 2004)
bulletXDOC, a Web tool to search for IDL procedures in SSW - D. Zarro

bullet IDL Map Software for Analyzing Solar Images - D. Zarro (2007)

bullet Accessing GOES Lightcurve Data - D. Zarro, K. Tolbert (2008)

bulletEarly Data Analysis with RHESSI - G. Hurford (March 2002)

bulletInterpreting PMTRAS Diagnostic Plots - G. Hurford (July 2002)

bullet Object-Oriented Data Analysis Software Concept - A. Csillaghy

bullet RHESSI Objects Tutorial - A. Csillaghy (March 2001)

bullet RHESSI Objects Reference Manual - A. Csillaghy
bullet Programming IDL Objects: Why and how to do it - D. Zarro (March 2004)
bulletOGIP FITS standards




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