HESSI Data Object Parameters:  Lightcurve Standard Parameters


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Name Main Object Control / Info* Description Default Units Range Type** User Level*** Class
cull_frac Image, Spectrum, Lightcurve Control Fraction for defining data gaps for culling 1.0 -- 0. - 1. float Standard hsi_spectrogram
decimation_correct Image, Spectrum, Lightcurve Control If set, make front decimation correction 1 -- 0 - 1 int Standard hsi_spectrogram
energy_band Image, Spectrum, Lightcurve Control Not used. [12,25] keV 1 - 15000 float(2) Standard hsi_eventlist_strategy
ev_filename Image, Spectrum, Lightcurve Control Name of eventlist file to use as input -- -- -- string Standard hsi_eventlist_file
filename Image, Spectrum, Lightcurve Control Name(s) of the level-0/telemetry data file(s) None N/A -- pointer Standard hsi_packet_file
ltc_energy_band Lightcurve Control Energy band(s) for the lightcurve [3,15000] keV 1 - 15000 pointer Standard hsi_lightcurve
ltc_time_range Lightcurve Control Time range for the light curve relative to obs_time_interval [0,0] sec 0 - 1.e9 double(2) Standard hsi_lightcurve
ltc_time_resolution Lightcurve Control Lightcurve time bin size .1 sec .001 - ? float Standard hsi_lightcurve
obs_time_interval Image, Spectrum, Lightcurve Control Absolute time interval to retrieve data for. [0.d,0.d] ANYTIM -- double(2) Standard hsi_packet_file
rear_decimation_correct Image, Spectrum, Lightcurve Control If set, make rear decimation correction 0 -- 0 -1 int Standard hsi_spectrogram
seg_index_mask Image, Spectrum, Lightcurve Control Flags for selecting detector and segment All 0 N/A 0 - 1 byte(18) Standard hsi_spectrogram
sp_data_structure Spectrum, Lightcurve Control If set, then GETDATA returns a structure with data (counts, rate, or flux) and errors. 0 N/A 0 - 1 byte Standard hsi_spectrum
sp_data_unit Spectrum, Lightcurve Control Type of data to return in spectrum - counts, counts/sec, or counts/sec/cm^2/keV Counts N/A Counts, Rate, Flux string Standard hsi_spectrum
sp_energy_binning Image, Spectrum, Lightcurve Control Defines energy binning. If scalar, interpret as code for predefined energy bins, otherwise as energy edges 14 N/A 0 - ? pointer Standard hsi_spectrogram
sp_semi_calibrated Spectrum, Lightcurve Control If set, calibrates the count rate spectrum using only the diagonal elements of the response matrix 0 N/A 0 - 1 byte Standard hsi_spectrum
sum_flag Image, Spectrum, Lightcurve Control If set, sum the spectrograms over collimators 0 N/A 0 - 1 int Standard hsi_spectrogram
time_range Image, Spectrum, Lightcurve Control Time range to accumulate relative to obs_time_interval, or absolute [0,4] sec or ANYTIM 0 - ? double(2) Standard hsi_eventlist_strategy
use_cull Image, Spectrum, Lightcurve Control If set, culling is enabled. Default is 1 for imaging, 0 for spectrum. 0 -- 0 - 1 int Standard hsi_spectrogram
use_flare_xyoffset Image, Spectrum, Lightcurve Control If set, use flare position from catalog for xyoffset. 1 -- 0 - 1 int Standard hsi_xyoffset
xyoffset Image, Spectrum, Lightcurve Control Offset of map center from Sun center [600.,200.] arcsec 0 - 1000 float(2) Standard hsi_xyoffset

* Control Parameters are set by the user to control the software; Info parameters are informational output parameters.

** Note that for parameters whose type is 'pointer', you can set the parameter without making it a pointer first - the object will take care of that.  And when you retrieve a parameter that is a pointer, unless you use the /NO_DEREFERENCE keyword on the call to GET, the contents of the pointer will be returned, not the pointer.

*** User Levels are:
   Standard - parameters that most users will want to set
   Advanced - parameters that require a high level of familiarity with the software
   Expert - parameters that should never be set by users

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