HESSI Data Object Parameters:  MEM Sato Algorithm Parameters


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Name Main Object Control / Info* Description Default Units Range Type** User Level*** Class
sato_btot Image Info Final value of btot, the total brightness -- N/A -- float N/A hsi_mem_sato
sato_chi2 Image Info Final value of chi^2 -- N/A -- float N/A hsi_mem_sato
sato_chi_limit Image Control Chi-squared value at which image reconstruction will stop 1.03 N/A -- float Advanced hsi_mem_sato
sato_delta Image Info Final value of delta -- N/A -- float N/A hsi_mem_sato
sato_delta_max Image Control Max value of delta for a switch to new lambda .03 N/A -- float Advanced hsi_mem_sato
sato_init_btot Image Control If 1 initialize the value of btot 0 N/A 0 - 1 int Advanced hsi_mem_sato
sato_iter Image Info Final value of iterations at last lambda -- N/A -- int N/A hsi_mem_sato
sato_iter_max Image Control Max number of iterations for a given lambda 30 N/A -- int Advanced hsi_mem_sato
sato_itgain Image Control Initial value of the iteration gain .3 N/A -- float Advanced hsi_mem_sato
sato_lambda Image Info Final value of lambda -- N/A -- int N/A hsi_mem_sato
sato_lambda_max Image Control Max value of lambda allowed 20 N/A -- int Advanced hsi_mem_sato
sato_lnorm Image Control Normalization factor for lambda .1 N/A -- float Advanced hsi_mem_sato
sato_no_chi2 Image Control If set, do not used the chi^2 to stop 0 N/A 0 - 1 byte Expert hsi_mem_sato
sato_progress_bar Image Control If set, display progress bar with cancel button 1 N/A 0 - 1 int Standard hsi_mem_sato
sato_show_image Image Control If set, show intermediate images 1 N/A 0 - 1 byte Standard hsi_mem_sato
sato_sys_err Image Control Systematic error term .01 N/A -- float Advanced hsi_mem_sato

* Control Parameters are set by the user to control the software; Info parameters are informational output parameters.

** Note that for parameters whose type is 'pointer', you can set the parameter without making it a pointer first - the object will take care of that.  And when you retrieve a parameter that is a pointer, unless you use the /NO_DEREFERENCE keyword on the call to GET, the contents of the pointer will be returned, not the pointer.

*** User Levels are:
   Standard - parameters that most users will want to set
   Advanced - parameters that require a high level of familiarity with the software
   Expert - parameters that should never be set by users

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