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Step #4           Mission Specific Instructions

Use the instructions below which are applicable to those individual instruments that you have chosen.




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HESSI Specific Instructions   (IDL version 5.4 or higher is required for hessi users.)


I.    Development vs Release Version

On June 7, 2004, there was a change in the development/release strategy for the RHESSI software.  Now you no longer need to set HESSI_PATH to select the version.  Please refer to the RHESSI software installation instructions for an explanation of the development and release versions.

II.    Environment Variable Setup File

1.    In the hessi setup directory, locate the file named "setup.hessi_env".  If you have installed ssw on your c: drive, you will find it here:    c:\ssw\hessi\setup\

2.    Copy this file to the ssw site setup directory (e.g. c:\ssw\site\setup ).  From within the ssw site setup directory, open the file for editing in Notepad.  Edit the file according to the instructions found in the file.  Updated versions of the software may not work if the instructions are not followed exactly.  Be sure to delete the lines as instructed.

3.    Save the changes and exit the text editor.

III.    HESSI Synoptic Data Archive

Accessing synoptic data via the HESSI GUI requires the installation of the c:\ssw\yohkoh\gen\ branch of the ssw tree. This branch is automatically installed when a yohkoh software package is chosen for installation. We recommend that you choose the Yohkoh SXT package during step #5 of the script customization procedure.

For more information on SSW installation and setup for HESSI, refer to the HESSI Data Analysis Software FAQ

For in-depth documentation on using the HESSI software, please refer to the  HESSI Data Analysis Software page.

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OVSA Specific Instructions

Please visit http://ovsa.njit.edu/software/setup.html



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LASCO Specific Instructions

Problem:    LASCO instrument package halts IDL with errors.
Solution     Contact a member of the LASCO software support team.

For support contact: dennis.wang@nrl.navy.mil



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NOHR Specific Instructions

Problem:    NOHR instrument package causes "can not allocate memory" error

Solution:     Windows 95, 98,ME

Windows NT, 200, XP                 http://hesperia.gsfc.nasa.gov/hessi/solar_install/Env_Space_Out.html#w2k 


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CHIANTI Specific Instructions

Problem: CHIANTI instrument package halts IDL with errors.


  1. Make sure chianti is included in the list of packages in your sswidl.bat startup file. Check for it in the definition of the environment variable SSW_INSTR found in the sswidl.bat startup file.
  2. After starting IDL type "ssw_packages,/chianti" at the IDL command line.

    For support contact chianti_help@halcyon.nrl.navy.mil


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SXI Specific Instructions

Everytime daily ssw updates are performed the entire SXI instrument package is downloaded.

Unresolved. This is a known problem caused by the existence of a symbolic link in this package named "idl" in the same directory as an identical folder named "IDL". The problem occurs only on Windows because this operating system is not case sensitive.


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