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Step #1            Create an Installation Script
1.    Customize an SSW installation package.  To do this visit the SolarSoft website at the following URL:

2.    Following is a list of recommended options to use in the page at the above link:
       Desired SSW Host:                              sohoftp.nascom.nasa.gov
       Installation type:                                  New Installation

3.    Set the desired local path to C:\ssw or use the Explicit Path: option for an alternative location (e.g. d:\ssw).
       SSW Site email contact:                       your email address.

4.    Windows Options:
        Perl is installed at:                        select "Don't worry, it's in my DOS path"
        Enable daily upgrade task:          Check this box only if you have Windows NT (or 2000) and are usually connected to a network.

5.    SolarSoft Instrument Selection:    Select the instrument software packages that you need.
       For example, if you choose the HESSI instrument you might make the following selections:
        Yohkoh:                                       Check the SXT box.  (The HESSI synoptic archive requires yohkoh gen)
        Orbital Observatories:                   Check the HESSI box.
        Packages:                                     Check the binaries, SPEX, X-RAY, and GOES boxes.

6.    Press the "Generate Installation Script" button.  Be patient, it may take 5 to 10 seconds while the script is being created.

7.    A new page will appear listing the installation path and the packages that you have chosen.
       When you have confirmed that everything is correct press the "Windows Installation (ZIP)
       file" button and save the file to your desktop.

Note:   At this point, some users have reported an "Unknown File Type" message being displayed.  If you already have a zip utility installed on your machine, just ignore this message and continue saving the file.

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