RHESSI Data Analysis Software (Offline)

This page contains RHESSI documentation links that are available when you are offline.  For the full RHESSI data and software documentation, visit http://hesperia.gsfc.nasa.gov/rhessidatacenter when you are online.


Glossary  (Kim Tolbert)

Software Change History (Kim Tolbert)

Accessing RHESSI Data   (Kim Tolbert)
RHESSI Data Analysis Software Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (Kim Tolbert)

HESSI GUI Guide (Kim Tolbert)
What's new in the HESSI GUI (Kim Tolbert)
March 2005 Changes to the GUI (Kim Tolbert)
PLOTMAN Guide (Kim Tolbert)

HESSI Flare List Utilities (Kim Tolbert)
Using the Observing Summary and Quicklook Data (Kim Tolbert)
Explanation of Quicklook Light Curves (Kim Tolbert)
Artifacts of RHESSI Light Curves (Kim Tolbert)
Using the Eventlist Files (Andre Csillaghy, Richard Schwartz)

RHESSI Object Parameter Tables (Kim Tolbert)
Object Parameter Defaults (Kim Tolbert)

RHESSI Command Line Snippets (Kim Tolbert)

Imaging: First Steps (Brian Dennis)
How to use the Image Object
(André Csillaghy,Kim Tolbert)
Using visibility objects in the RHESSI software (André Csillaghy,Kim Tolbert)

OSPEX Reference Guide, Parameter Table, What's New (Kim Tolbert)

HESSI Objects Quick Reference (André Csillaghy)
HESSI Objects Reference Manual (André Csillaghy)
Object-Oriented Data Analysis Software Concept (André Csillaghy)

Detector Resolution (Kim Tolbert)

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