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Max Millennium  - Solar Flare coordinated observations, data analysis, and theory

Heliophysics Events Knowledgebase

Virtual Solar Observatory (VSO) - Search for Solar Physics Data Products

Space Weather Prediction Center - NOAA site for Today's Space Weather and Predictions

SWPC Edited Solar Events Lists - Solar event reports containing indices, events, and region data for the last 90 days

GOES Events Lists - Text lists of GOES events by year, 1975 to present

SOHO Archive - A multi-parameter search interface to the SOHO archive

ACE Browse Data - Quicklook data for monitoring large scale particle and field behavior

SOHO LASCO CME - Catalog of CMEs identified since 1996

Radio Monitoring - Daily survey of radio spectrograph data, radio imaging, and CMEs

CACTUS - Computer Aided CME Tracking

Farside Images - Magnetic maps of the whole Sun

Solar Flare Predictions - Solar flare probabilities, hosted at the University of Bradford, UK

Hinode Solar Flare Catalog - October 2006 to present.  Solar Physics Article, 2012.