Quicklook Browsing


The RHESSI Browser interface lets you view a variety of previously generated quicklook plots for a selected time or flare. 

In the Browser, use the buttons on the left to select a GOES time profile overlaid with RHESSI observing times, RHESSI time profiles and images, WIND spectrograms, and/or Fermi GBM time profiles.

Click in any of the plots to adjust all visible plots to that time.  Click directly on the little red time arrow to toggle the display of a vertical red line.

More information:

Browse RHESSI Quicklook Plots


Major Events - Smith (needs to be updated past 2007)

Data Gaps (text files and plots)

State of Health (text files and plots)

Flare Spectrum Plots (once per minute, with fits)


The RHESSI European Data Center (HEDC) hosted by the University of Applied Sciences North Western Switzerland (FHNW) has generated and stored a huge assortment of images, spectra, spectrograms, and lightcurves. 

Browse HEDC site