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Solar Data Browsing

EOVSA, AFINO, Solar Flare Finder and Helioportal (NJIT)!


Solar Monitor
Near-realtime and archived information on active regions and solar activity

Visualize solar images and feature/event data

Solar Data Analysis Center
Data from recent and current space-based solar-physics missions


Virtual Solar Observatory
Search for solar physics data

HEK, iSolSearch
Search the Heliophysics Event Knowledgebase (HEK) for solar data

Integrated Space Weather Analysis
Goddard CCMC Space Weather Analysis Products


Hinode Solar Flare Catalog
October 2006 to present

AIA Filament Eruption Catalog

ACE Browse Data
Quicklook data for monitoring large scale particle and field behavior


SOHO Archive Search
Search for SOHO data by instrument, study, or object

Radio Monitoring
Daily surveys of radio spectra, radio imaging, and CMEs

Neutron Monitor Database
Data for many neutron monitors since 1957
NMDB Search Tool


Catalog of CMEs identified since 1996

Computer Aided CME Tracking

Max Millennium
Solar Flare coordinated observations, data analysis, and theory


Solar Flare Predictions
U. of Bradford Flare Monitor

NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center
NOAA site for Today's Space Weather and Predictions

Helioportal (NJIT)
Solar data search and classification tool


GOES Event Lists
Text lists of GOES events by year, 1975 to present

Solar Flare Finder
IDL tool for finding events jointly observed by GOES, RHESSI, Hinode, SDO, and IRIS

Automated Flare Inference of Oscillations Results (QPPs) table


Expanded Owens Valley Solar Array
EOVSA Flare List

Heliospheric Imager CME Catalog
CME catalog based on manual inspection of STEREO/HI data