RHESSI rotating modulation collimators generate Fourier components (real and imaginary parts) in a series of circles in the uv-plane. Making images with uv_smooth consists of

  1. interpolating the visibilities in the uv-plane,
  2. reconstructing the image of the source by means of a Fast Fourier Transform inversion, and
  3. reducing the ringing effects by imposing a positivity constraint.

Using the UV_SMOOTH algorithm at the command line:

Select algorithm  o->set, image_algorithm='uv_smooth'or 'uv' or 'uvs' or 'hsi_uv_smooth'
Object Class  HSI_UV_SMOOTH
Extract Objectuv_obj = o->get(/obj,class='hsi_uv_smooth')  Extract the object used in the hsi_image object, o
Parameter Prefix 

uv, e.g.
uv_show_vismap = o->get(/uv_show_vismap)
uv_control = o->get(/uv, /control)
uv_info = o-> get(/uv, /info)
uv_all = o->get(/uv)

All parameter names specific to this algorithm have this prefix
Parameter Table  UV_SMOOTH Object Parameter Table

List and short description of control and info parameters specific to this algorithm