Maximum Entropy Method algorithm based on visibilities developed at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT).

MEM NJIT is a 2-D version of the Spatio-Spectral Maximum Entropy Method (SSMEM) developed by Su-Chan Bong. Jeongwoo Lee and the solar group at NJIT provided the 2-D version used for RHESSI imaging. While SSMEM maximizes entropy for spectra and maps, MEM_NJIT only maximizes entropy in the map for a given frequency.


Using the MEM_NJIT algorithm at the command line:

Select algorithm 

o->set, image_algorithm='mem_njit'

or 'nj' or 'njit' or 'hsi_mem_njit'

Object Class 


Extract Object

nj_obj = o->get(/obj,class='hsi_mem_njit') 

Extract the object used in the hsi_image object, o

Parameter Prefix 

nj, e.g.
nj_show_maps = o->get(/nj_show_maps)
nj_control = o->get(/nj, /control)
nj_info = o-> get(/nj, /info)
nj_all = o->get(/nj)

All parameter names specific to this algorithm have this prefix

Parameter Table 

MEM_NJIT Object Parameter Table

List and short description of control and info parameters specific to this algorithm



  • Two papers describing SSMEM: 

                  SSMEM Formulation and Test

                  SSMEM Solar Microwave Imaging Spectroscopy