Maximum Entropy Method algorithm based on visibilities developed at the Department of Mathematics, University of Genoa.

MEM GE is similar to MEM NJIT but more robust against the problem of breakup into multiple compact sources that can occur with MEM NJIT.

Using the MEM_GE algorithm at the command line:

Select algorithm  o->set, image_algorithm='mem_ge'or 'ge' or 'hsi_mem_ge'
Object Class  HSI_MEM_GE
Extract Objectge_obj = o->get(/obj,class='hsi_mem_ge')  Extract the object used in the hsi_image object, o
Parameter Prefix 

ge, e.g.
aplambda = o->get(/ge_auto_percent_lambda)
percent_lambda = o->get(/ge_percent_lambda)
tol = o->get(/ge_tol)
max_iter = o->get(/ge_max_iter)
ge_info = o-> get(/ge, /info)
ge_all = o->get(/ge)

All parameter names specific to this algorithm have this prefix
Parameter Table  MEM_GE Object Parameter Table

List and short description of control and info parameters specific to this algorithm

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