RHESSI News Item

Subject:    How to Get to SSL for the HEDAW
Date:        Wed, 21 Feb 2001 14:45:16 -0800 (PST)
From:       Jim McTiernan <jimm@apollo.ssl.berkeley.edu>

Getting to SSL:

If you are driving to SSL:

For those of you who choose to drive we can provide parking passes for
the terrace lots below the Lab. Parking passes will be available at
the meeting site. Driving instructions are included on the SSL web
page, http://ssl.berkeley.edu/, click on the "about SSL" button, and
then on "SSL Directions And Parking Information". There is also a map
of Berkeley and the SSL area on the web site, click on "Berkeley Map
from Lawrence Hall of Sciences".

If you're staying in Berkeley, the most straightforward way to SSL is
up Hearst Street on the north side of campus, right on Gayley road,
and left on Centennial. This route is marked with a thick line on the
"Berkeley Map from Lawrence Hall of Sciences". Climb past the Lawrence
Hall of Science, the SSL entrance is just before Grizzly Peak Blvd. on
the right side. Get your parking pass before you park in the Terrace

Note that there is a climb of 100 stairs from the terrace lots to 
the SSL, if you would rather not make this climb, we can park 
your car for you.

Here are some options for getting to SSL for those of you who won't
have a car.

Airport to Berkeley: From SFO, you can take a shuttle service, e.g., 
Bayporter Express, which will take you from SFO to your hotel in Berkeley, 
see http://www.bayporter.com/, you can make reservations by phone, FAX
or online. It looks like you can get a round trip ticket for $32.

Also you can take the BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) train, but the
BART train does not yet run all of the way to the airport, so you need
to take a cab or bus to a BART station. My previous (before i knew
about bayporter.com) best advice would be to take a cab to
Embarcardero Station, and then the BART train to the Downtown Berkeley
station (Get on trains bound for RICHMOND, see
http://www.bart.org/). Most of the hotels and the campus are within
walking distance of the BART station. More info is available from the
UC Berkeley Visitor Services website:
http://www.berkeley.edu/visitors/. Also see

If you are coming from Oakland, you have the same options, the
shuttle, or BART. Oakland is more accesible from BART than SFO, there
is a shuttle from the Coliseum BART station to/from the airport every
few minutes. You can get more info from

Up to SSL from Berkeley: There is a bus that leaves the UC Campus up
the hill approximately once every half-hour. This is called the Hill
Shuttle, A schedule is posted at
The fare is 50 cents.
The main stop is at the Hearst Mining Circle, which is on the campus.
A map of the campus with some of the surrounding streets
can be found at 
The Mining Circle can be found at B5 on this map. The bus stop
is not marked on the map, but there are signs directing you 
to the appropriate spot. 

If you need more directions, maps, etc... let me know.