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Senior Review Rates RHESSI Highest

The NASA Senior Review Panel gave RHESSI the highest rating of any of the 14 Sun-Earth Connection's missions. The rating indicates that the eleven voting panelists regarded RHESSI as "clearly superior" with "compelling science and relevance to the SEC mission."

In its report, the panel states that "RHESSI has a unique role and tremendous potential for understanding flares." The report states that "Early observations with RHESSI have revealed information on flare energetics, timing and spatial structure that will stimulate renewed efforts to model and understand flares and magnetic reconnection on the sun." The panel praised the "RHESSI group" for "doing an excellent job of supporting data and modeling efforts." The RHESSI outreach program is also praised by the panel as being "very effective in reaching middle and high school and producing classroom materials."

The panel recommended "that the extended mission be funded at the in-guide level plus an enhancement of 100 - 200K to provide support for training in data usage and data dissemination." It also states that an "increased RHESSI specific GI program is needed to fully exploit the data."

The full review can be accessed as a pdf file at the following location:

SEC Senior Review 2003

Bob Lin and Brian Dennis

View the RHESSI Senior Review Proposal (pdf)