RHESSI News Item

RHESSI Gets Highest Senior Review Rating

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

We are very pleased to report that the Senior Review Panel found that RHESSI's "future contributions promise to be compelling" and rated its Science Merit second only to that of Voyager among the 13 operating Sun-Solar System Connection (now Heliophysics Division) missions. RHESSI was rated number one in its "Contribution to SSSC Goals." The bottom line is that "the Panel endorses the proposed continuation of the RHESSI mission." We are also pleased to note that the other SSSC missions were recommended for continued operations including TRACE, ACE, and SOHO. The full report is available at the following location:


Thanks to everybody who has worked so hard to make RHESSI such a huge scientific success. We are grateful to everybody who helped us put together the Senior Review proposal. We look forward to working with you all for another two years, at least until the next Senior Review now scheduled for April 2008.

Best wishes,
Bob Lin and Brian Dennis

View the RHESSI Senior Review Proposal (pdf)