RHESSI News Item

HEDC Launched into Cyberspace

On September 1 2001 the HESSI Experimental Data Center at ETH
Zurich has been opened to the public. Simulated data
(2000-09-01 00:00:00 to 00:55:00) can be viewed, browsed,
reconstructed, analyzed and retrieved. While you may get
stimulated anticipating HESSI, your use and feedback will
help us to improve HEDC.

Enter HEDC at     http://www.hedc.ethz.ch/
-> HEDC web interface
-> public session
-> HEDC Events
-> clear query [as previous query conditions might exist
    and would be ANDed to the current search condition].
-> search parameter: start DATE + TIME
-> Condition: greater than or equal
-> Value: 2000-09-01
-> Execute Query
   A list of automatically generated events will appear, with
   some statistics. Click on one of the events with code similar
   to "HEC_SFxxxxx": they are the most interesting (SF means
   Solar Flare event - other events usually do not have images).
   If the first three simulated flares are classified as "OF"
   (Other Flare"), it is because the simulated data's Observing
   Summary indicates Hessi as being in Earth's shadow during
   those events.

  The event and some statistics appear. At the end of the event
  page (please scroll down) there is a list of related data
  products (images, lightcurves,spectra, and other derived data).
  Even though the links all have the same name (it's the event's
  "code"), they all branch to the correct data product.(see help
  documentation for more)

To play with the processing part, please ask for an account.

We hope you will enjoy it,

                                     Your HEDC team