RHESSI News Item

RHESSI Leaders Receive Prestigious Awards

We are pleased to announce that the RHESSI Principal Investigator, Bob Lin,
has been awarded the AAS/SPD Hale Prize, and the RHESSI Mission  Scientist,
Brian Dennis, has been awarded Goddard's Lindsay Prize.  Both awards were
based to a large extent on RHESSI's huge success, so we want to take this
opportunity to acknowledge everybody who has worked on RHESSI. Your
indispensable efforts have all contributed  immeasurably to this success.

The George Ellery Hale prize is awarded by the Solar Physics Division  of
the American Astronomical Society "to a scientist for outstanding
contributions to the field of solar astronomy. Selection is to be  based
upon outstanding contributions over an extended period of time to the field
of solar astronomy. In considering candidates, the Hale Prize Nominating
Committee is to be guided by the impact of the  candidates' research in
solar physics, general astronomy, geophysics, mathematics, and physics."
Previous winners of this award include Gene Parker; Peter Sturrock; Loren
Acton, the Yohkoh SXT PI; Alan Title, the TRACE PI; and Eric Priest. Bob
will be presented with the award at  the joint AAS and SPD meeting in Denver
in June, and will give the Hale Prize Lecture on RHESSI science results.

The John C. Lindsay Memorial Award is given annually to a Goddard civil
servant, "To recognize the Goddard employee who best exhibits  the qualities
of broad scientific accomplishments in the area of Space Science. This award
commemorates the launch of the first orbiting Solar Observatory on March 7,
1962, that was a great accomplishment of  Dr. Lindsay's and those who worked
with him." Previous winners of this award include Werner Neupert of the
Neupert Effect fame; Ken Frost,  the SMM Project Scientist and HXRBS PI; and
Reuven Ramaty, our RHESSI CoI. Brian will be presented with the Lindsay
Award at the Goddard Friday afternoon colloquium on May 21 with a reception
to follow.  Everybody is invited.

Best wishes for continued RHESSI successes and hopes for a long  extended

Bob and Brian