RHESSI News Item

We are pleased to report that as of October 31, 2002, RHESSI has achieved its Minimum Science Requirements:

  1. Perform hard X-ray (greater than 20 keV) imaging spectroscopy of solar flares with better than 4 arcsecond spatial resolution and better than 3 keV energy resolution.
  2. Perform high resolution (better than 3 keV FWHM at l MeV) spectroscopy of gamma-ray lines in solar flares.
  3. Obtain observations of at least a hundred hard X-ray flares and ten gamma-ray (greater than 300 keV) flares.

RHESSI has performed imaging spectroscopy of hard X-ray flares from 3 keV upward, with 2.3 arcsec resolution, and ~1 keV energy resolution. It has obtained high resolution spectra of gamma-ray lines in the 23 July 2002 flare. On October 31, 2002, it detected its tenth gamma-ray (>300 keV) flare. It has also detected over one thousand hard X-ray (>25 keV) flares.

All systems are operating nominally, and we are looking forward to eventually achieving the Baseline Science Requirements.

Best regards,
Bob Lin, Brian Dennis, and the RHESSI team