RHESSI News Item

Subject: HESSI - On Higher Ground!
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2001 12:14:57 -0800
From: Peter R Harvey <prh@ssl.berkeley.edu>
To: hessi@listserv.gsfc.nasa.gov

Dear HESSI'rs -

Just a quick note to update everyone on the status of the
spacecraft, as we had quite a scare earlier in the week.

On Monday, we were alerted that the south base of Vandenberg was 
in danger of flooding and the Air Force command recommended we 
evacuate the building where HESSI was. We formed an emergency team 
on Monday night at Vandenberg and prepared the spacecraft to move 
to higher ground by morning. One hundred troops from the Air Force
showed up and sand-bagged Building 836 in case the flood hit before 
we could move. While the river rose to record levels, we moved HESSI 
to an available clean room located on high ground in the northern 
part of Vandenberg. 

We are currently in the Hazardous Payload Facility (Building 1610) 
trying to set up the spacecraft support equipment and get 
communications, such as email going. If you are reading this, we 
were obviously successful! 

Finally, we are encouraged by yesterday's proposal by Orbital to KSC
showing a new qualification program and a May 15 launch date. Perhaps
we will soon get this spacecraft in space where it is safe!

- Peter