The Graphical User Interface (GUI) to the RHESSI data analysis software is an IDL widget program that allows users to display, analyze, and store RHESSI image, spectrum, lightcurve, and observing summary data, as well as view data from ancillary sources.  

To start the RHESSI GUI, enter an SSWIDL session and type

The GUI provides control over most of the basic options in the RHESSI data objects.  For more advanced features, use the CLI interface

An efficient way to work is to use both the GUI and CLI together.  There are several methods for optimizing GUI/CLI use:

  • Pass an existing object into the GUI by typing hessi,object to start the GUI.
  • Use the hessi_data procedure to extract the objects used in the GUI to the command line.  This allows you to share that object between the GUI and the command line.  Changes made from one interface will affect the other.
  • After setting options in the GUI, click the button to 'Write Script' to generate a script that will set up an object with the same options.

Please see the RHESSI GUI Guide for more information, and the What's New for a list of changes to the GUI.